Celtic Twist Silkscreen

Celtic Twist Silkscreen

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Designed with polymer clay in mind, but can be used on nearly any flat surface you can paint. Compatible with paints, chalks, mica powders, glass etch cream, ink pads, alcohol ink pads and pens, extra fine embossing powders, plus more. Staining will occur with heavily pigmanted mediums. After cleaning the stains will not effect future use.

Design= Celtic Twist

size= 5.5" X 4.25"

Reusable and reversible. Does not come with a frame. With proper care and storage silks creens can be reused for many years.

Place silkscreen in shallow dish of cool water immediately after use so the paint does not dry and clog the openings in the screen. Gently wash out screen in cool water with mild soap and let dry before using again. (I dry mine on plastic canvas. May stick to paper towels)  Do Not scrub hard when cleaning your silkscreen or you may damage the pink emultion layer on the silky fabric carrier. I prefer to wipe with a natural sea sponge.